I have been feeling really inadequate lately like what’s so wrong with me that people aren’t attracted to me

trying not to let my crippling self doubt show in day to day life is exhausting

I really don’t want to go out drinking tonight because of what happened the other night. I’d rather just be lamely blissfully ignorant I think

What's your first time story?

Nah not telling that now

Just told the contiki group my “first time” story and I’m pretty sure they all pity me now

You're allowed to have crushes, it's part of life and part of the fun :) don't be down on yourself! Xx

Yeah I know but it’s annoying because I had a crush on a girl I travelled with two years ago to the point where I basically told her I was into her when we got back home and she turned me down, but then like two weeks later I realised she wasn’t even that great of a person and id semi wasted my holiday pining over her..

Shout out to earnednotgiven for being the greatest Toronto tour guide/personal chef yesterday :)

You are so cute omg

Lol stab me in the eye with a rusty nail

You are really cute about this girl. I wasn't sure if guys actually did that, like had feelings like that. what do you think about a girl when you like a certain girl? Like what are your feelings?

I actually don’t know. Like she’s super nice and good looking and we have been hanging out a bit as part of a small group since like Sunday, and over the last two days I’ve made a point to look at her more because I really like it when we catch eyes and she smiles at me and fuck I’m the worst

Fuck I’m so mad at myself because it’s probably just puppy love or some shit get over it idiot

I’m literally so fucken lame.
Apparently I have a crush on one of the girls im on tour with because when she danced up with some guy tonight my heart broke a little