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you definitely got the looks in the family

  • Second family outing in 24 hours; today is a picnic in the cold
  • Aside from the cowlick, my hair has decided it’s sticking straight up today
  • Still don’t know how to smile for photos
legitimate reason: you dont want to it makes you uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also tinder is kind of weird and creepy why are all these young attractive people on a dating app it doesn’t make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes I agree! but I feel like I should want to have it you know? 

My roommate has it and her coworkers are constantly swiping her tablet and matching her (or whatever the button you push that means “I like this person” is called) to everyone. I don’t recommend it unless you don’t know any terrible people.

haha actually that reminds me of a story from thursday night..

so I went to this uni basketball/netball club mixer thing because there were free beers and pizza and I only knew like 3 people there but free beers!

at some point I got introduced to this girl and then as we were leaving was found her supppperrrr drunk and throwing up outside with none of her friends around. so me and my mate tried to talk to her to get her to tell us who to call to get her home, and then spent 40 minutes trying to get this guy she was seeing to pick her up but he wouldn’t come and she lost her bag/wallet/money because apparently she’s a huge liability so we stuck her in a taxi and sent her home.

anyway the point of this story is that because I was on her phone wasting my night of free beers trying to contact this guy, when tinder accidentally opened and the other guy told me how it worked I spent every second of the time we waited for the taxi swiping right so I guess we’re even


Jack is a gift to humanity

how can one person be this good looking??

At the dinner last night my sisters boyfriends sister (who was in my year at school) kept telling me to get the app tinder and it made me so uncomfortable and I don’t know why

ughhhh we are going to my sister’s boyfriend’s families’ house for dinner tonight whyyyyyyy




my much anticipated almost certainly disappointing accent challenge 

Jack I could listen to you talk all day long.

^ what she said

thanks guysssssss


I do not like my face without make up but in the interest of accurate self(ie) representation, this is all I got happening naturally.